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Tramp Tramp Date Link
Urchin Umukarikari Mar 2020 The Hobbits walked to Umumkarikari bush line and back whilst the troops did the whole walk Urchin to Umukarikari
RMT to Rangipo Feb 2020 A fantastic weather day but perhaps a bit warm - scenery incredible
Kinloch O2K track Jan 2020 An exploratory to see just where this track went getting from Kinloch to Kawakawa Road
Lost in Time Taumaranui Dec 2019 One of those magic days in beautiful country with sufficient effort to suit most people with coffee and tea laid on at start and end plus great lunch spot at Cathy's Cabin
Umukarikari Nov 2019 All got to the bushline and some got to the summit - brilliant blue-sky day
Kawakawa Bay and cave Oct 2019 Photos from Russell and Jenny of the extension to this old favourite walk - wet feet guaranteed going to the cave
Three Sisters to Tree Trunk Gorge Sep 2019 A lovely spring day for a pleasant walk via Pillars of Hercules
Whakamaru to Mangakino Aug 2019 A lovely walk with many new lambs frolicking in the adjoining fields, beautiful views of Waikato River
42 Traverse Aug 2019 Slightly disappointing walk as no views but good bush and very active DoC predator trapping - muddy when wet and another route to Tall Chimney Biv
Splittersville via 2 Jons July 2019 A fairly taxing walk off Clements Mill Rd on hunters' tracks, old  heavily over-grown historical roads and active forestry roads passing through Woody's Tongue
Verns Camp/Clearing June 2019 A moderately easy walk on the Whirinaki Track though great forest coming out on the Waterfall Loop Track
Crosbies Hut Waiotahi Waiomu tracks June 2019 A fairly hard overnighter going in on the Waiotahi Track and out on the harder Waiomu
Pureora Red Shed Mt Pureora Link Rd May 2019 Very sociable walk from Pureora on the Timber Trail then Toitoi Track over Pureora to Link Road - good birdlife including Kaka, Fan tails, Robin and wood pigeon
Ngongotaha April 2019 Lovely short hill walk up Ngongotaha close to Rotorua
Blyth Hut April 2019 Walk from Turoa Skifield off track to pass both Blyth and Lupton Huts
Castle Hill Rock Feb 2019 Ended up with three groups, Hobbits got to bush-line, most got to target and a few went beyond
Karangahape loop Feb 2019 Party split up some doing the Karangahape Trig others doing a loop to include the Windows walk
Waihi Beach Feb 2019 Great walk starting on the beach and heading north
Tukino to Desert Rd via Mangatoetoenui Brg Jan 2019 A very hot day out from the masts on Tukino Access Rd to Desert Rd via old quad bike track after the Mangatoetoenui Bridge
Training 2018 Nov 2018 A good day up in the Kaimai area having a  refresher course for trip leaders, trampers and first aiders - no trampers were damaged!
Rangipo Hut Oct 2018 A walk through high level desert to cross the new (scary) superb looking swing bridge and on to Rangipo Hut (and back) all in a day's walk
Hakarimata Walkway Oct 2018 A long hard walk with 1200 steps at the start and end but there is a shorter loop to a Kauri Grove wich takes 3 hours and not 7. Hakarimata Walkway
Mangatepopo to Chateau Oct 2018 A 10km walk on part of the Northern Circuit / Round the Mountain track badly eroded and gullied
Te Puia Lodge Oct 2018 A hard tricky walk in the Kaweka in to Te Puia Lodge
Outdoor Samoa Oct 2018 Bike ride round the island of Savaii in Samoa
CNI TItiraupenga Sep 2018 A tricky 4 - 5 hour walk starting at the Centre of the North Island (CNI)
Waikato River Trail - Maraetai to Waipapa Aug 2018 A fairly honest 14km walk on first rate forest road/tracks now MTB trail - slippery in places so a chance for "Boots to Sky" on the way to Waipapa
Pillars of Hercules to Tree Trunk Gorge Aug 2018 A good walk on bad(ish) weather day - high water flow so the  last stream was not crossed about 1km from Tree Trunk Gorge
Mount Edgecumbe July 2018  A short but hard walk up and down Mount Edgecumbe
Tarawera Trail July 2018 Last done 2013but this time the tramp was done from Hotwater beach - more hilly than most remembered but really beautiful
Waihaha Echo Rock July 2018 A fairly tiring tramp on MTB tracks from the end of Waihaha Road down towards Lake Taupo passing Echo Rock and Ambush Alley
Waihaha Hut July 2018 A long hard tramp on a brilliant winter day
Marton Sash & Door MTB tramp May 2018 A lovely 16km non-strenuous, circular wander south of National Park on a brilliant winter's day
Tukino to Waihohonu May 2018 A straightforward walk from Tukino Access Road to Desert  Road via Waihohonu
Rangiwahia (Rangi) HUt May 2018 A very steep hard ascent for a good night's sleep in Rangi Hut, weather stopped exit via Deadman's
Mangaturuturu Hut April 2018 Great day into Mangaturuturu Hut on south side of the mountain, most went on to Lake Surprise
Otanewainuku Trig & Whataroa Falls April 2018 A forest selection over going to Mt Tihia on a bad weather day, up to Otanewainuku Trig plus Whataroa Falls
Te Mata Peak Mar 2018 A delightful walk from Hastings up Te Mata Peak
Mud Pools Feb 2018 Short walk to cold dark pools of grey mud to wallow in
Cape Runaway Feb 2018 A long hard day over 11km in 7 hours ascending 700metres around Cape Runaway
Tukino Ski Village Mangatoetoenui Stream Jan 2018 Not for the faint-hearted or clumsy as there is a fair bit of steep gravel slope to negotiate as well as small sections with larger rocks and boulders up the mountain at Tiukino Ski Village.
Kaimai crossover Dec 2017  A long walk from Aongatete near KatiKati over the NS track to Wairere falls
Kaikawaka Slab Hut Nov 2017 A short walk through Raurimau Station to reach an old batten cutters hut - Kaiwaka Slab Hut. Great scenery in what looks like manicured parkland but is a sheep station
Whanganui River Road Nov 2017 Last trip down the Whanganui River Road in 2009 was by TTC van, this time it was biking from Raetihi, through Pipiriki and Jerusalem to the coast at Whanganui over 3 days
Link Rd to Pureora Oct 2017 Various tramps to suit most up and over Pureora
Old Coach Road Aug 2017  A walk with plenty of history from Ohakune to Horopito on the Old Coach Road
Marton Sash & Door June 2017 A combo outing with bikers doing a 22km loop whilst the trampers did 17km  on the MTB Tramway track
Taranaki slopes April 2017 Plateau carpark up to Tahurangi Lodge - 5:30 hours return
Dawson Falls below Taranaki April 2017 Plateau carpark to Dawson Falls and back on the Ridge and Enchanted tracks to Mountain House
Whitecliffs Walkway April 2017 Great walk on the beach off SH3 south of Mocau
Social activity April 2017 A look at the Glokenspiel in Stratford, the bridge and art gallery in New Plymouth then Tawhiti Museum
Gull Colony 15 Mar 2017 Sorting out an alternate route to view the Gull Colony below Ruapehu
South Crater 1 Mar 2017 The rest did the crossing whilst some got to South Crater and back
Pillars of Hercles Tree Trunk Gorge 15 Feb 2017 A beautiful walk in the woods to Tree Trunk Gorge
Urchin Umukarikari 1 Feb 2017 A long hard tramp round the tops from Urchin
Kapiti Island 13 Nov 2016 A wander up the Trig Track and down the Wilkinson on Kapiti Island with spectacular birdlife and a close encounter with a Kaka
Paekakariki Escarpment 12 Nov 2016 An exciting but rather wet walk from Paekakariki to Pukerau Bay on the escarpment track above SH1 and the railway line
Waitomo tramps 29 - 30 Oct 2016 Tawarau and Double Falls plus muddy morning on Mangaohae Track
Bell Rock and walks 5 Sep 2016 Unfinished business from 2007 saw a small group get to Bell Rock then enjoy some reserves in the area
Ngapuketurua 29 Sep 2016 A fair walk on the track to Ngapuketurua
Urchin 14 Sep 2016 A stiff climb to get a bath on Urchin
Hinemaiaia Cave 7 Sep 2016 A short but tricky walk on unmarked track to Hinemaia Cave
Waipapa Tracks 31 Aug 2016 A magical forest walk on the Waipapa tracks in the Pureora
Otawa Ridge 24 Aug 2016 A lovely walk on Otawa Ridge up at Te Puke
Pureora to Red Shed 20 Aug 2016 An extra weekend tramp in the Pureora
Tauhara in snow Aug 2016 How about 2 to 2:30min to get up Tauhara due to windfalls after a huge snow dump
Mangaokewa Reserve 11 August 2016 A walk in the woods along the Mangaokewa Stream where a Hobbit got a bit muddy
Waikato River Trail 3 Aug 2016 Waipapa Dam to Waotu South Road near Arapuni
Cascade Track 27 Jul 2016 Walk on the track from end of Clements Mill Rd to Cascade Hut
Family tramp 11 &12 July 2016 Eight year old to 75 year old having a great walk into Leitch's Hut for an overnighter
Taradale Puketapu loop 7 July 2016 An easy 18km walk on bike track from Napier
Splittersville 8 June 2016 A fairly tough little walk mainly on hunters' tracks and old forest roads off Clemenst Mill Road to the site of the "splitters" camp
Rangipo Hut Loop 1 June 2016 A cold testing day walking in a clockwise direction up past the Rangipo Hut
Otanewainuku Whataroa Falls 11 May 2016 A bit south of Tauranga a lovely forest walk into and beyond the Whataroa Waterfalls
Mount Messenger 7 May 20116 The promised additional pics added to the Albino Hedgehog
Whakatane Ohope 4 May 2016  A short fairly hard hilly coastal walk between Whakatane and Ohope
Red Crater Hardmans 28 April 2016 Brilliant weather day for Red Crater to Hardmans with Lynne King
Tall Chimney Biv 27 April 2016 A few years since we did this grunty little tramp into Tall Chimney Biv
W2K track Whakaipo Bay to Kinloch 6 April 2016 A lovely autumn day walk in the woods on the W2K MTB track
Ruapehu 30 March 2016  few pics forwarded on this Ruapehu adventure
Heaphy Track with Bush & Beyond 15 -19 March 2016 The Hobbits on the Heaphy Trail:     Day 1       Day 2        Day 3        Day 4       Day 5
Tongariro Alpine Crossing 4 Mar 2016 A brilliant weather day on the crossing
Tama trial Saturday Tramp 13 Feb 2016 The Hobbits plus potential new trampers visiting the Tama Lakes
Urchin Umukarikari 10 Feb 2016 Small high speed group on the Urchin Umukarikari loop
Pukekaikiore Tama 3 Feb 2016  brilliant weather day for such a high level walk from Pukekaikiore through to Tama
Ruapehu Te Heu heu peak 20 Jan 2016 A big effort up the Mountain to be cooled down and defeated by ice at the top
Sigley Falls 13 Jan 2016 A walk in the woods to Sigley Falls which is almost a candidate for the too hard basket
Kaimanawa Wild horses 11 Jan 2016 Kaimanawa wild horses
Mt Damper & Falls 5 Jan 2016 A very hard, testing overnighter taking in Mt Damper & Mt Damper Falls
Hurunui Hut & Henderson Tram 9 Dec 2015 A 5:30min walk in great forest with slopes less than we thought they were to Hurunui Hut using Henderson Tram
Mount Tama revisited 2 Dec 2015 A long walk in great conditions basically on the same route as in January 2015 over Mnt Tama from Waihohonu to Tama Lakes
Rabbit Patch 19 Nov 2015 A very pleasant, easy wander in the forest to the Rabbit Patch based on Army Road off Clements Mill Road
Dooley's Hut 19 Nov 2015 A quick wander in and out to Dooley's as a warm up for the Rabbit Patch
Hikurangi Galatea 11 Nov 2015 A new tramp up the second Hikurangi - this one in Galatea
Tama Lakes 28 Oct 2015 A chilly outing but dry to reach Upper Tama with most doing the loop around Lower Tama
Crosbies Hut 19-21 Oct 2015 An overnighter from Thames into Crosbies Hut in the Coromandel with mud & forest is almost tropical - fairly hard work but good
Weraroa Trig 14 Oct 2015 A fairly hard walk from Waihora Lagoon through some of the wettest forest in captivity  to Weraroa Trig
Red Crater Sunrise 7 Oct 2015 Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the dark for sunrise on Red Crater
W2K Whakaipo to Kinloch 30 Sep 2015 Most walked the 14km straight through whilst two walked the 20 odd  km of the Headland
Tauranga Taupo 23 September 2015 No "snowcraft" so a walk to Tauranga Taupo instead
West Okataina 26 August 2015 This was a long walk but speak about beautiful weather and forest
Mount Tihia 19 August 2015 Was it wet on  Mount Tihia or what?
Waihaha Hut 12 August 2015 So cold it was untrue
Urchin 29 July 2015 Winter wonderland on top of Urchin
Rainbow Mountain 1 July 2015 The extension from SH5 to SH38 done for the sake of completing this pleasant walk - waypoints 17 - 19
Tree Trunk Gorge 25 June 2015 A short walk from the Desert Road to Tree Trunk Gorge via Pillars of Hercules 
Taranaki Falls 24 June 2015 Short walk to test Isabel's knee and update the Taranaki Falls tramp description
Moerangi Helipad 17 June 2015 A slightly grunty uphill walk in bitterly cold weather but brilliant sun for lunch at Moerangi Helipad
Tikitiki Waterfall from Te Iringa Track 20 may 2015 Some brilliant off-track navigation from Denys and friends to get out above Tikitiki Waterfall
Ten Man Hut 13 May 2015 A walk in a new area for many of us in to Ten Man Hut - made longer by bridge closure
Stanton Memorial 6 May 2015 A new route into the Stanton Memorial going anticlockwise, fantastic terrain
Halfway Hut Opureke 29 April 2015 A fairly hard, hilly walk in to a hunters bivvy on badly overgrown, unmaintained track
MTB Pureora to Piropiro 24 April 2015 Long hilly, slightly technical MTB ride on the Timber Trail
Compass traverses 15 April 2015 Navigating in dense bush out at Opepe using a compass
North Crater via Hardman's Ridge 01 April 2015 Some of the pictures from the variation of the Smuggler's Route taking in North Crater
Tukino Alpine Hut 25 Feb 2015 Jenny Verschaffelt took a few photographs, older map and Google added
Te Heuheu & Crater Lake 18 Feb 2015 A few photos from John Marshall and Nick Green from the mountain last week - first stop Te Heuheu
Kaweka Extravaganza 9 - 14 Feb 2015 A very hard multi day outing which was either steeply up or down.       Day 1 Tussock - Te Puke.       Day 2 Te-Puke to Kelvinator.    Day 3 Kelvinator to Back Ridge Biv.     Day 4 Back Ridge to Kiwi Saddle.     Day 5 Kiwi Saddle to Lakes car park.   General from John Marshall
Umukarikari Urchin 28 Jan 2015 A long hard tramp from Umukarikari to Urchin, the reverse of what we normally do
Waipakihi Valley 15 Jan 2015 Cool tramp with bathing belles in the Waipakihi
Four Tamas 14 Jan 1015 Tame Ridge, Mount Tama then Upper and Lower Tama Lakes
Sigley Falls 8 Jan 2015 Sorry but no map or Google image for Sigley Falls
Lake Surprise 7 Jan 2015 A tricky walk to Lake Surprise
Marton Sash & Door Tramway 17 Dec 2014 A long walk on new bike tracks from National Park
Christmas Social 2014 11 Dec 2014 Garden get together at President's Palace for Christmas
Scoria Flats via Whakapapaiti 10 Dec 2014 A wet day alternative to going high fording the Whakapapaiti Stream
Rangipo Hut 26 Nov 2014 A wild windy walk in to and out from Rangipo Hut - the swing bridge did swing!!
Paeroa Range 19 Nov 2014 Totally new walk on private tracks in the Paeroa Range
Waihaha Bike Track 12 Nov 2014 A great walk for a wild wet day from SH32 down to Lake Taupo on the bike track on the Waihaha
Kaweka J via Dominie Hut 4 Nov 2014 A grinding 5k tramp with 800m ascent for dramatic views, OK it was 5km up then down again
Kaweka Flats Hut 5 Nov 2014 A relatively moderate walk with many stream crossings and one wicked ascent to an orange hut
Timber Trail 31 Oct 2014 A long, fairly hard MTB cycle ride from Piropiro Flats to Ongarue
Black Dunny and Just Hut 22 Oct 2014 A pretty good exercise in navigation in deep forest  to the Just Hut via the Black Dunny
Poronui 8 Oct 2014 No bus so no official tramp so wandered through Poronui towards Oamaru Hut
Smugglers High Route 1 Oct 2014 Ketetahi to Mangatepopo on a possible variant of the Smuggler's Route
Kaharange Gorge MTB ride 12 Sept 2014 Bike Ride on Rail Trail in Kaharange Gorge
Old Coach Road 4 Aug 2014 Or the Great Eclair Robbery
Hurunui Hut & Weraiti Radar Dome 27 Aug 2014 Pictures from the track(s) to the Hut and Dome
Urchin and the Waipakihi River 13 Aug 2014 A winter wonderland in most parts
Cascade Track 6 Aug 2014 Hard work on the Cascade Track
Winter Solstice 20 June 2014 A few merry people in pics supplied by Viv Wrathall
Rogers and Skips Huts 30 July 2014 A long fast walk in and out to Rogers Hut via Skips Hut
Rainbow Mountain 23 July 2014 A fairly easy, very scenic 10km walk getting up over 500m of ascent on Rainbow Mountain
Ketetahi Shelter 16 July 2014 A tough little wander up to Ketetahi Shelter
Te Iringa Tikitiki 25 June 2014 A hard half-marathon in and out via Te Iringa to Tikitiki Stream
Urchin 18 June 2014 A moderate walk to the Trig for some and the junction to Waipakihi for others
Whakapapa Ridge to Saddle Cone 4 June 2014 A reasonable long walk up Whakapapa then Pinnacles Ridge, over Wairere Stream to Saddle Cone and out via Wairere Stream
Red Shed, Pureora & Bog Inn 28 May 2014 A long walk from Pureora to Red shed, Pureora and Bog Inn then 40mins down the road
Upper Matakahuia Hut 14 May 2014 Great forest walk in slightly damp conditions to Upper Matakuhia Hut
Wairere Stream 7 May 2014 Up the Wairere, pass the Gull Colony then down the ridge to meet he Tama Lakes track
South Crater 1 May 2014 Soda Springs and South Crater
Stanton Memorial 23 April 2014 A tough 8km tramp to Stanton Memorial
Not the Smugglers' Route 30 April 2014 Not the Smugglers or the Alpine Crossing but in between the two
Scoria Flats to Whakapapa 16 April 2014 Fording the Wahakapapaiti
Otago Rail Trail March 2014 Day 1 Clyde to Omakau, Day 2 Omakau to Wedderburn, Day 3 Wedderburn to Hyde, Day 4 Hyde to Middlemarch plus Clyde, Cromwell and Picton
Ruapehu - Te Heuheu 12 March 2014 Chair lift then a wee grunt up to Te Heuheu
Great Lake Trail 19 Feb 2014 Part of the walk from Western Bays Rd towards the lake  on the bike track paralleling the Waihaha River
Hikurangi 12 Feb 2014 A short hard ascent of Hikurangi
Fishers Track 6 Feb 2014 A walk down Fishers Track to Retaruke
Poronui to Te Puia Jan-Feb 2014 A tough, long walk half way to Hawkes Bay from Taupo - Hawkes Bay Traverse
Mangatepopo to Chateau 30 Jan 2014 A fairly tough walk on part of the round the mountain track from Mangatepopo to the Chateau
Pukekaikiore Tame 29 Jan 2014 A very long walk between Pukekaikiore and Ngauruhoe off track to the Tama Lakes
Te Porere Redoubt 23 Jan 2014 A face wetting walk to the redoubt from Sue
Urchin Umukarikari 15 Jan 2014 A very long walk from Urchin  to Umukarikari
Pihanga 18 Dec 2013 A grind up through the forest to sit on Pihanga
Wairere Stream & Pinnacles & Whakapapa Ridges 11 Dec 2013 From the Chateau up Wairere Stream and back on the Pinnacles and Whakapapa Ridges
Tauhara Forest 27 Nov 2013 A long walk in the forest behind Mt Tauhara, mainly on half marathon course
Ngauruhoe 21 Nov 2013 Hobbit conquers Ngauruhoe
Scoria Flats to Whakapapa 31 Oct 2013 Sue's Scoria flats to Whakapapa
Pureora via Red SHed 30 Oct 2013 Pureora Forest Park DoC centre to Mnt Pureora via Red Shed and Link Road
Tukino Waihohonu 24 Oct 2013 Sue's Tukino Waihohonu
Onaia Gorge 23 Oct 2013 Onaia Stream and Gorge
Old Coach Road 3 Oct 2013 Old Coach Road from Sue Johnson
Tongariro River 25 Sep 2013 Tongariro River walkway
Whakapapa Ridge 18 Sep 2013 The Haggis Cruncher
Moerangi Track 20-21 Aug 2013 Moerangi shared MTB track via Skips, Rogers and Moerangi Huts
Rainbow Mountain 14 Aug 2013 Rainbow Mountain and Kerosene Creek
Urchin 7 Aug 2013 Urchin and Waipakihi River
Skips & Rogers 31 July 2013 Skips Hut
Ketetahi Blue Lake 21 Jul 2013 Ketetahi Shelter and Blue Lake below steaming Te Mari
Waihaha River Thursday outing 18 Jul 203 Waihaha bike trail by Pat and Sue
Tarawera Track 10 July 2013 Tarawera Track with boat trip back from Hotwater Beach
Urchin 4th July 2013 Urchin
Pukekaikiore circuit 3rd July 2013 Pukekaikiore July 2013
Social activities plus walking 21,22 & 23 June 2013 Solstice 2013   Sue's Solstice Selection
Tall Chimney Biv 26 June 2013 Tall Chimney Biv - in behind OPC
Waihaha River 19 June 2013 Waihaha River bike trail
Hurunui Hut & Henderson 5  Jun 2013 Hurunui Hut
Upper Matakahuia Hut 29 May 2013 Upper Matakahuia
Tauranga Taupo 22 May 2013 Tauranga Taupo Waterfall for some and less for others
Te Kohatu 7 - 8 May 2013 Whakapapaitit Hut and Te Kohatu
Smugglers Loop 1 May 2013 Smugglers Loop and Hardman's Ridge
Okataina Rata 24 April 2013 Okataina Rata
Waipakihi Hut 9 - 11 April 2013 Waipakihi via Umukarikari
Waitakares 5 - 8 Apr 2013 Waitakares
Maungatautari Waterfall 27 March 2013 Maungatautari Waterfall
Pinnacles & Billy Goat 11-12March 2013 The Pinnacles
Tararuas 25-27 Feb 2013 The Southern Crossing
Ruahines Feb 2013 22-23 Feb 2013 Rangi Hut and Deadman's Track
te Puia 20 Feb 2013 Selwyn's trip
Mangamuka Hut 6 Feb 2013 Mangamuka Hut via Te Tui Track
BBQ 2013 1 Feb 2013 TTC annual BBQ
Whirinaki 30 Jan 2013 Whirinaki Track
Mahui Whakapapa 19 Dec 2012 The Everglades
Pureora 12 Dec 2012 (12-12-12) Mt Pureora via Red Shed on Timber Trail
Christmas Parade 1 Dec 2012 TTC Float in its glory and demise
Kerosine Can Knob 5 Dec 2012 KKK
Boyd Trip Day 1 30 Nov 2012 Fly to Boyd then up Boyd Rocks
Boyd Trip Day 2 01 Dec 2012 Boyd to Oamaru Hut
Boyd Trip day 3 02 Dec 2012 Oamaru Hut to Clements Mill Road
Stanton bluff out 28 Nov 2012 Stanton Memorial
Eruption Escape+ Bikes 21 and 23 Nov 2012 Eruption Escape and Rotorua Bike Ride
Two Jons Camp 14 Nov 2012 Two Jons
Okataina West 7 Nov 2012 West Okataina Walkway
Mount Tihia 31 Oct 2012 Mount Tihia
Leitchs Hut 17 October 2012 Leitchs long walk
Merrylees Clearing This century Merrylees Clearing
Merrylees Clearing This century Merrylees Clearing
Punchie Wallace's bridge 3 Oct 2012 Punchies Bridge
Snowcraft Whakapapa 22-23 Sep 2012 Snowcraft 2012
Waihohonu Walkabout 25-26 Sep 2012 Waihohonu walkabout
Moerangi Helipad 12 Sep 2012 Moerangi Helipad from Minginui
Black Dunny Just a Hut 5 Sep 2012 Black Dunny Just a Hut
Ngapuketurua 29 Aug 2012 Ngapuketurua - from Isabel      Ngapuketurua - from Allan (ruapehu to access)
Te Iringa Tikitiki Stream 22 Aug 2012 Te Iringa Tikitiki
Waihora to Bog Inn 15 Aug 2012 Waihora Bog Inn
Ketetahi Hut 1 Aug 2012 Ketetahi
Urchin & Waipakahi 25 July 2012 Urchin and Waipakahi
Saddle Cone 11 July 2012 Pictures from Taupo Tramping Club
SAR inputs 5 July 2012 Pictures from Taupo Search and Rescue