November 1982 till May 83


Soil Scientist/Land Use Planner

Greater Yogyakarta Groundwater Study


Basically this was follow-on project to the Kali Progo study carried out by MMP (Mott MacDonald and Partners). The aim of this Overseas Development Administration study was the identification of water short areas within the Yogyakarta Area and assessment of soils and water resources for possible installation of tube wells for irrigation.

There was a large integrated team consisting of groundwater engineers, irrigation engineers, agronomist and soil surveyor. During the study the soil scientist had the additional task of training up a local soil scientist with a view to self-reliability for future studies.

Author's Input:
  • Study area stretched from the lower slopes of the active volcano, Mount Merapi, above Yogyakarta, virtually to the coast at Parangtritis


  • Studied areas of volcanic soils with a known shortage of irrigation water and evaluated the soils for irrigation


  • Executed some 20,000 hectares of semi-detailed soil survey followed by 240 hectares of detailed study in proposed tubewell command areas.


Infiltration rates in a wide range of soil types enabled land suitability classification to be carried out which enabled the irrigation engineers to plan the installation of tubewells. Studies were done in wetland (rice) and in dryland (palawija) farming areas.

Trained counterpart staff in soil survey methodology, soil physics studies and techniques.

Infiltration Test in Wetland

Infiltration Test in Palawija Crops


Lived in Yogyakarta with Isabel, who did work locally, for six months. As this was the first trip to Indonesia the heat and humidity came as a massive shock - especially in the very small house in Jalan Sriti. Ran regularly with the Yogya Hash House Harriers and was christened Austin SuperMini for some of the efforts as a FRB. Isabel became very proficient at Bahasa Indonesia and Austin showed his normal talent for learning langauges!! Mind you more Bahasa did register then was thought.

Thoroughly enjoyed living in Yogyakarta with it's wealth of culture in and around the city.


January 1993

Greater Yogyakarta Groundwater Resources Study

Inception Report

Sir M. MacDonald and Partners, in association with

Binnie and Partners and

Hunting Technical Services LTD

AAH Contributions:

Chapters 5 and 8

December 1984

Greater Yogyakarta Groundwater Resources Study

Final Report

Sir M. MacDonald and Partners, in association with

Binnie and Partners and

Hunting Technical Services LTD

AAH Contribution:

Volume 4: Soils

Full suite of reports held by consulting firms as detailed above and draft copy available on WOSSAC