Austin Hutcheon  Retired Soil Scientist who started working-life in NE Scotland as Research Assistant in the Soil Science Department of Aberdeen University.  Got a year's leave of absence from the department and went to Nigeria as a soil surveyor,  never came back to try and settle and work in the UK. Eventually got on a plane on the day the company pension was to be paid and got off in Bhutan for three glorious years - what a swansong! After that did a few small jobs including salinity work in Banda Aceh after the tsunami. Retired in New Zealand in 2004 and cannot remember the word work!.

Always been into sports of most kinds and still at it though the legs and lungs are less willing now that Parkinson's has been diagnosed but finding the days weeks too short for all the available activities including running, tramping, biking, plus gym sessions. Still married and with 2 grand-daughters, Sacha (Graduated) and Maia (at University, who live in Auckland NZ plus a grandson, Lachlan, who carries an American passport and is one very active machine - skiing, running and climbing anything and everything.

Retired from the committee  of the Taupo Tramping Club after about 8 years in 2016 and awarded Life Membership (2019) but still involved. Did 4 years as Captain of Taupo Harrier Club then President for 2014/15 and given Life Membership - doing background things like results and records. Still trying to run though walking is less stressful and almost as quick with 5km taking just over 40min. In Nov 2012 awarded the Taupo "Sports Personality of the Year".  Until 2013 was a 70 year-old running like a 60 year-old but now running like an 80 year-old! Suffering Ano Dominitis but the wheels still turning though with broken spokes and did improve the MM75-79 Starlight 5km record to 30min39sec in Feb 2016. Since 2018 walking as running not on due to Parkinson's diagnosed but putting in some good-for-age walking times on local 5 and 10km races.

Isabel Hutcheon  Isabel started working life as a teacher of French in the old Aberdeen Academy after teacher-training and graduating from Aberdeen University.  She met Austin many moons ago at the old Castle Jazz Club in Aberdeen. Isabel's career was hardly interrupted by the arrival of Ross then later on by Gail - not to mention teaching in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Yogyakarta (Java), Pontianak (Borneo) and in Bhutan.  The local language was studied in all places lived and fair competence achieved in Bahasa Indonesia, Arabic and Dzongkha. UK teaching was mainly done at Chalney Girls in Luton from where she retired as a head of year (Dean) to go to Bhutan.

Also meant to be retired in New Zealand but still does a fair bit of voluntary work, now hardly any relief teaching in local schools,  but when required does inputs at the local Language School, did some one-to-one work for Literacy Taupo students then took over as Chairperson, delivers Meals on Wheels but retired as Newsletter Editor of the Taupo Tramping Club, looks after volunteer commitments for Taupo Harriers and turns out as "containment" with LandSAR (Search & Rescue) when needed. Running and tramping was curtailed due to knee problem which major knee surgery in 2013 failed to fix so a replacement knee joint was fitted in Rotorua Hospital in late March 2015. Already getting around and making good progress on the walking and tramping plus very short runs . Also now back out on her MTB and road bike but the new knee will just not bend quite enough as yet. Does RPM spinning in the gym!

Spends a lot of time following the progress of young Lachlan Douglas Hutcheon in Berkeley, USA on Skype / Facetime as well as keeping up to date with teenaged Sacha, now at Uni, and her younger sister Maia in Auckland. Please note both Sacha and Maia are taller than their Mum, Nana and Poppa.

Walked the Heaphy Track in March 2016 with Austin and had a great time over the 82km though the hard surface installed for MTB biking did cause a few blisters. Must consider the Old Ghost Road soon! Both Isabel and Austin regular Taupo PARK RUNNERS - competing and as marshals - where Isabel runs and beats Austin who walks.

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Series of TRAMPING BOOKS recently published via               on-line publishing

Along with Peter Thompson and Brian Kerr Austin helped produce the book FIFTY YEARS of INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT which was published in late February 2011. B&W plus colour versions

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