The Hash House Harriers, The HASH, can be described as a running club with drinking problems or a drinking club with running problems. Basically the HASH is based on the old paper-chase idea and, nowadays, a trail is laid by "hares" using flour, paper, saw-dust or whatever and the "pack" attempts to follow. The real art is in the laying of the trail in that the hares try to run the legs off the fit and mad (FRBs - front running b**t*rds) and build in short-cuts etc for the sick, lame and lazy (SLL). A well designed trail contains many false trails (Falsies) which cause the pack to turn, or reverse, giving the lame and lazy a chance to be the lead runners (FRBs).

The Hash started pre-WW2 out in KL in Selangor based on a restaurant called the "Hash House".   The expatriates, planters, of the day met up on Monday nights to "run-off" the excesses of the weekend,  the full history is well documented elsewhere. Chapters of The HASH now exist worldwide and there are many National and International gatherings; such as NashHash (UK), EuroHash, InterHash etc. Some links are given below to various HASHES:

    Hare and Hounds (Bedfordshire with Map for next run)

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