Name Discipline Status / Location Mail Web page CV
James Morton  Admin, HTS Previous MD HTSPE Mail    
Nigel Schofield Admin, HTS Hitchin      
Sue Adams   Admin, HTS   Mail www  
Tony and Liz Watkins  Agr Econ, HTS   Mail    
Jim Harvey  Agriculture, HTS   Mail    
John and Roz Moore Agriculture, HTS South Africa Does anyone have an address?
John Cowburn  Agriculture, HTS   Mail    
Martin Adams Agriculture, HTS   Mail    
Peter and Valerie Thompson Agriculture, HTS   Mail    
Rita I'Ons (widow of Rodney) Agriculture, HTS   Mail    
Robin and Linda Goodyear Agriculture, HTS   Mail    
Roger and Penny Rowe Agriculture, HTS   Mail    
Sean D Scully Agriculture, HTS   Mail    
Tom and Dorothy Boyd  Agriculture, HTS   Mail    
David Giles Agronomy, HTS   Mail    
Murray Watson Airborne Zoologist   Mail    
Stephanie Henderson  Cartographer, HS&C   Mail    
Donald Brown  Drainage, MMP   Mail    
Jeffrey and Jay Lewis  Ecologist, HTS   Mail    
Chris and Prim Finney  Economist, HTS   Mail    
David McCormack Economist, HTS   Mail    
Mike and Margaret Felton Economist, HTS   Mail    
Mike Daplyn Economist, HTS   Mail    
Neil and Carol Hayles  Economist, HTS   Mail    
Graham and Lucy Edgeley    Economist. HTS   Mail    
Robert and Val Jarrold   Forester, HTS   Mail    
David and Wilma Smith Forstry,HTS   Mail    
Geoff Lawrence Geologist, HGGG   Mail    
Raymond Hockey Geology Friend  from 1950s in Africa Mail    
Graham Deane  GIS, HTS   Mail    
Alan and Beth Rendell   Groundwater , HTS   Mail    
David Ball  Groundwater , HTS   Mail    
Bruce Misstear Groundwater, HTS   Mail    
Geoff Wright Groundwater, HTS   Mail    
Mike and Beryl Barr  Groundwater, HTS   Mail    
Robin Farbridge Groundwater, HTS   Mail    
Wictor Bakiewicz Groundwater. HTS   Mail    
Jim Green HTSPE   Mail www  
Richard Hunting   Hunting PLC   Mail www  
Roger Jackson Hydrogeology, HTS   Mail    
Tim Boycott Brown Hydrogeology, HTS   Mail    
Robin James Land / HTS   Mail    
Stan Clarke Livestock, HTS   Does anyone have an email 
Trevor and Mary Wilson  Livestock, HTS   Mail    
Alan and Jonquil Stapleton  Soils, HTS   Mail   cv
Austin and Isabel Hutcheon  Soils, HTS 90% retired, NZ Mail www cv
Brian and Elizabeth Kerr Soils, HTS HTSPE Mail    
Chris and Princey Hatten Soils, HTS   Mail    
David Parry  Soils, HTS   Mail    
David Radcliffe  Soils, HTS   Mail    
Fred and Sylvia Collier Soils, HTS   Mail   cv
Ian and Louisa Baillie  Soils, HTS   Mail   cv
Karl and Esthy Kucera  Soils, HTS   Mail    
Keith and Sandy Virgo  Soils, HTS   Mail    
Martin Williams  Soils, HTS Hermit status MailMinder    
Neil Munro Soils, HTS   Mail   cv
Rodney Tucker Soils, HTS Retired Mail    
Sue O'Farrell Soils, HTS   Does anyone have an email 
Clive English  Soils. HTS   Mail    
Bruce Lankford Water , HTS   Mail    
Don Chambers Admin, HTS Moulton St Mary, Norfolk Does anyone have an email 
Fran Schofield   Harpenden Does anyone have an email 
Hugh Arundale     Does anyone know if still with us?
Ian Mathieson     Does anyone have an email 
Jack Cowtan Admin, HTS   Does anyone know if still with us?
Mostyn and Isabel Morgan   Comrie Does anyone have an email 
Rob Sage    


Ted Burleigh     Does anyone have an email 
Vernon C. Robertson Admin, HTS Kirby Le Soken, Essex Does anyone have an email