A loosely formed group of Ex-Hunting Technical Services environmental consultants


Background and Rationale:

 With the "passing" of HTS - Hunting Technical Services - most of the staff of that fine organisation have gone their own way.  This has included some going to the big SOIL PIT in the sky, becoming freelance consultants, joining other "development" organisations or even just retiring.

Hunting PLC do little or nothing to keep all the previous employees in touch with each other and will not pass on contacts - the dreaded DATA PROTECTION act.

Despite this there is now a book in publication titled FIFTY YEARS of INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, the work of HTS 1953 - 2003.

Copies can be supplied via Peter Thompson the Editor in Chief or they can be purchased directly via this link BUY THE BOOK

Aims of YADHA Office Bearers Members CVs Harry Piper


  1. Approved Members of the Association will be termed ‘Fellows of the Young At Heart Dinosaur Association’ and can use the initial FDA after their name (One has to be a Fellow or nothing at all). 
  2. To qualify for this all prospective members are asked to place their CV at the disposal of the committee so they can scrutinise it and check on its authenticity.
  3. The YHDA was originally devised for former employees of HTS. It is propose to widen this net to our other colleagues in HS&C. In addition each fellow may invite up to five suitably qualified friends as members of the association.
  4. Spouses etc are, of course, invited to participate in the activities of the Association, to attend the AGM and any related activities, and will be termed Associates.
  5. It is proposed to have an AGM in the UK, probably in south of England each year.  Regional meetings are also likely in such places as Taupo,NZ.
  6. At the AGM Committee members will be re-elected, sacked, abused, praised or lauded as appropriate etc.