Preliminary Nominations and Dinosaur Links as Follows:

Hon. Chairman - Fred Collier: Tyrannosaurus rex (T. rex): An association always needs an Hon. Chairman to bring order at the chaotic meetings when dinosaurs of varying habits and inclinations are assembled. An unopposed self-nomination was made by Fred Collier (Llandudno) who asked  “Since I terrorised many of you in the past can I claim the T. rex position?” Quite. This proposal was seconded by Austin Hutcheon and David Parry. (The similarity between T. rex and ‘Laughing Fred’, a.k.a. Fred Collier, is really rather quirky and suggests a palaeo-conspiracy theory.  I am not saying of course that they are related but Fellows may wish to investigate the matter at an AGM).


Life President  - Karl Kucera: Triceratops: The Life President needs to be a well-armoured type who can promote the views of the association and project its benign image in an orderly fashion and see off any cardboard replicas. Karl Kucera, the Founder of the Association seems the right dinosaur for this post.  Nominated by Neil Munro (East Lothian).


Hon. Secretary  - Neil Munro: Cearadactylus: The task of Hon. Secretary is to send messages to all and sundry through the ether and other media. A flying dinosaur seems appropriate. Neil Munro was nominated by David Parry (Jakarta), seconded by Austin Hutcheon (New Zealand).

Treasurer - Austin Hutcheon  Brachiosaurus: The task of Treasurer, by contrast, demands someone who will not run off with the funds. The plodding Brachiosaurus seems a good option, and the nomination is Austin Hutcheon, an honest dinosaur who has now hung up his field boots, and who of course originally reminded us all of this grand order in a tribute to HP. He also seems to want this position. Nominated in any case by Neil Munro.


Meetings Secretary -  Dr David Emlyn Parry: Stegosaurus:  The Association requires a Meetings Secretary who task is to organise the timing, location and all the fun and games at the Annual General Meeting, or other such events. I suggest that Dr David Emlyn Parry, well known for his startling karaoke style in Jakarta, is well-qualified for this position and should be elected.


Chief Technical Advisor -  Keith Virgo: Pterodactylus:  It is advisable for an association as august as this to have a Chief Technical Advisor who will advise ailing dinosaur  colleagues of advances in the field, and the public at large of our continued existence and activity. In this case the nomination is Keith Virgo, the well-known birdman who is forever soaring off all over the places, and has been most recently spotted in the foothills of the Himalayas.  I propose this, but who will support this nomination?


Director of Music - Sean Scully: Dimorphodon:  An association requires a Director of Music who will ensure that Fellows are entertained at meetings. I wish to nominate Sean Scully for this post. Who will second this? Sean of course, despite advancing years, plays the bagpipes and tells me that in his pre-dinosaurial army days a CO used to made him play his instrument whilst he (the CO!) was shaving.


Web Master - Austin Hutcheon: Confusedosaurus; Without someone willing to try and compile a web page, plus look after it, how can we keep in touch, informed as to who is still working or retired and the ability to contact each other when help or assistance is needed on technical matters or our past?  Austin offered and has got this far.  If you have (constructive) ideas pass them on, if you want to be considered extinct then advise and your name will be deleted. Then again if you want to retire to new Zealand and go "Tramping (Kiwi for Hiking)" have a look at Austin's Book