AFF Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers Running Club; Home Page
Amman Amman Road Runners
Deadsea Dead Sea Ultra Marathon, Jordan
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H5 Hares & Hounds Hash House Harriers: Home Page
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Run Standards Achievement levels based on times
Running Log Records all your exercise data and allows you to analyse it
vVO2max Work out just how fit you are and have data to design speed training sessions
whr_calculation Calculate your own Working Heart Rate (WHR) using a heart rate monitor or formula
Speed Training Use your vVO2max for speed training
Taupo Harriers Taupo Harriers - Running and Walking, Taupo New Zealand
Taupo Trampers Taupo Tramping (Hill Walking) Club, Taupo, New Zealand
TH3 Thimphu Hash House Harriers, Bhutan
Walk Standards Self compiled age awards for standard walk distances