A few selected walks from outings with the Taupo Tramping Club: The walks or tramps described below have been tramped since December 2004 and the notes taken plus GPS data collected have been used to compile the descriptions. They are in PDF format and, by clicking the link shown in blue,  the document can be downloaded.   The descriptions have the "grade" of the walk indicated but these may need checking.  Clicking on the blue GPX link will download the available GPS data for that specific tramp

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SOUTH ISLAND              

Tramp Name

Km Hrs Ascent  Topo50 Map Last Trip  Short description  
Angelus Hut


12.03km 10.57km 8.75km 7:25min 6:00min 3:00min 1515m BR24 Kawatiri & BS24 Mount Robert

Topo250 Sheet 18

March 2012 A moderate to fit tramp covering over 30km in a walking time of almost 17 hours, ascending 1,515m and descending 1,673m. A pretty grunty start up the Pinchgut track, a long hard semi-technical slog along and up Robert Ridge before a descent to the hut. The exit route down the Cascade Track is very steep and technical but the sandflies are a delight when the Coldwater Hut is reached. Coldwater back to St Arnaud is straightforward on forest track with some gnarly, rooty sections. This tramp used as a warm-up for Travers Sabine. GPX
Cobb Valley 14.05km  19.04km 9.01km 6:30min 6:55min 4:00min 478+m 150+m 500+m Topo50 - BP24 Takaka  and BQ24 Tapawera

Topo250 Map: Sheet 12 (250,000 scale)

March 2010

A fairly hard three day two nights tramp with the option to “knock-off” Mount Arthur  ( 799masl) on the way. The huts are all different with Balloon being newer, Flora rather past its sell-by date and Mount Arthur Hut delightful for its position and views.  Times may seem a bit slow to young bloods but the average age of the party on this occasion was over 68 whilst for Mount Arthur it was 70!

Franz Josef Glacier One Way +/-5km One way 2:40min 275m Topo50 - BX15 Fox Glacier                Mar 2008 This tramp was done as a guided three quarter day walk starting about 11:00am and aiming to get back to town about 5pm.  Due to the party being held-up on the descent by a crevasse rescue return to town was after 6pm – more or less a full day.  Boots, socks, crampons, over trousers and jackets were all supplied by the guiding company though you can wear your own. The access walk in through the woods takes just over an hour is, in places, made frustrating by the guides taking up-and-over detours away from the river when it is in flood – safety comes first .Once on the ice, after crampon fitting and technique briefing, progress is governed by the pace of the least confident / slowest member of the party as the guide makes this person follow immediately behind them. The walk was then an uphill struggle, until the crampon style was mastered, for about 2 hours using pre-cut steps until the “ice-fall” zone was entered.  Lunch was eaten just below this zone.  The exit off the ice took about the same time since well over 30 minutes was spent “holding” till a rescue was performed. GPX
Heaphy Track


19.3km 13.1km 12.1km 21.2km 17.1km 7:14min 5:12min 4:51min 7:22min 6:18min 818m 189m 250m   87m   389m  Topo 50 MAPS: BP22 Heaphy Beach and BP23 Gouland Downs

Photos via the photolinks  page

March 2015 A detailed record of the "Taupo hobbits" 5 day tramp of the Heaphy using Bush & Beyond as organisers and guides - well worth it! Track quoted at 75km but is in fact 82km with Day 1 a long relentless ascent but nothing to break the legs or lungs. After that is it mainly downhill or level with only the odd grunt required. Super quality new huts and amazing coastline to walk along.  


Kepler Track 8.57km 15.41km 22.81km 3:00min 7:17min 6:24min +/-900m +/-300m +/-325m Topo50   CD07 Manapouri & CD08 Te Anau Mar 2008 Given good weather this is a fantastic, moderate 3 day 2 night tramp from Brod Bay to Rainbow Reach and using the boat trip across the lake for access with pick-up at Rainbow Reach. Day 1 is an easy 3 hours, mainly uphill walking on manicured track of just over 9km ascending some 800 metres to the Luxmore Hut.  Day 2 requires a fair length of time (over 6 hours) just to take in the scenery and cover the 15 kilometres including Mount Luxmore (1478m) and the shelter huts - Forest Burn and Hanging Valley – en-route.  There is a fair amount of exposed walking on pretty narrow ridges so good weather is a requirement and the final descent of 700 metres  down to Iris Burn Hut is real toe and knee torture.  Once at Iris Burn the sand flies are tortuous!  Day 3 from Iris Burn to Rainbow Reach is a long one at almost 23km but there is very little “grunting” involved as the altitude ranges only between 500 and 200 metres and the walk can be done in between 6 and 7 hours.  However, there are stream lines on this section that do get washed out and parts of the track can suffer from landslip debris or collapse completely and involve steep up-and-overs – but these minor problems are always brought to the trampers attention by the wardens in the Great Walk Huts. GPX
Mount Cook - Hooker Track and Lake and Tasman Lake One way 5.97km One way 1:46min           135m Topo50 Maps: BX15 Fox Glacier Mar 2008 The whole walk from the car park to the edge of the Hooker Glacial Lake and back takes less than 4 hours. On the way one passes the Mount Cook Memorial , the Mueller Glacial Lake and the Stocking Stream Shelter.  This is an easy walk but there are one or two slightly tricky bits over rock outcrops to negotiate.  A secondary walk of 20 minutes can later be taken to the edge of the Tasman Glacier lake. GPX
Reefton Deep Creek


One way 4.06km One way 1:58min One way 225m Topo50 Map: BT21 Waiuta

Topo 250 sheet 18

April 2014

Starting point is in Reefton with the walk on SH7 some 11km north of the town. Says picnic site but only if you like sand-flies.  A fairly hard outing with quite a very misleading track sign at the start. Most would assume following a water race might be level walking. The easy part starts when the end of the race is reached.

Routeburn Track 10.91km 11.58km 11.84km 3:42min  5:00min  4:00min +/-500m +/_550M +/-250M  Topo50 Maps: CB09 Hollyford


Mar 2008 A moderate 2 nights and 3 days tramp which, though best done in good weather, can be tackled when Fiordland throws all the water it can at you.  Day one comprises 11km of steady climb of 530metres  through beech forest on a good track passing the Routeburn Flats Hut then up to the Routeburn Falls Hut .  Overall on Day 2 the 5 hour  / 11.6km  walk leads to an overall loss of about 90metres with about 600metres of climbing to reach a high point of 1307metres over the Harris Saddle where there is a shelter hut  which proves most welcome during inclement weather. The final few kilometres down to the Mackenzie Hut seems to take for ever. Day 3 does have some good scenery but all that was on show for the TTC were waterfalls – and they were magnificent, though it did mean getting wet. Overall this 11+ km day takes 4 hours with altitude dropping from just over 1000 to 544 metres at the Divide car park at the end.  The Earland Falls in particular were spectacular to scary in volume and noise. GPX
South Island 2008       Too many to list Mar 2008 Big walks on Routeburn and Kepler plus fun on Franz Josef  
Travers Sabine Circuit 25.10km 7.10km 8.95km 15.77km 12.79km 7.31km 8:35min 3:50min 6:45min 6:10min 5:40min 2:53min 659m 500m 553m 335m 734m 211m Topo50 BR24 Kawatiri & BS24 Mount Robert

Topo250 Sheet 18

March 2012 A fit 6 day tramp by a group with average age of 68 years and the oldest just on 77 years – there was a plan to visit the Blue Lake but common sense prevailed. This tramp was done after a days rest on completing the Angelus Hut tramp - so if you cope easily with the Robert Ridge and Angelus you should mange to complete this wonderful high country outing!  If Angelus feels hard think twice before hitting Travers Sabine. GPX
Wangapeka 12.71km 20.90km 9.94km 13.25km 10.61km 4:30min 9:40min 5:00min 9:40min 4:00min +/-200m +/-500m +/-300m +/-400m +/-100m Topo 50 BQ22 Karamea / BQ23 Wangapeka Saddle /  BQ24 Tapawera

Topo250 Sheet 12

March 2010

A very hard five day four nights tramp on some of the toughest back-country tracks tackled for a long time.  Many very tricky sections, wicked ascents and descents – some of them on or past landslips. Good huts all the way and not overly busy whilst the South Island Robins were a delight every day. Walking times may seem very slow but the average age of the party was over 68 and many people had commented in the hut books that times quoted on track notices were not quite accurate enough and virtually all trampers took a lot longer than the DoC times!