Ross  graduated in Civil Engineering from Leeds University in 1988. Rather than pursue his future in the Civil field he joined the Army after attending the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, spending 6 years in the Corp of Royal Engineers and ended up as Captain. Saw active service in the first Gulf War. Very keen free fall-man and finished second in the National Championships while with the Army Team and, until very recently, was still regularly jumping out of perfectly serviceable aero planes.   Took up career in the big bad world of finance and now well settled in San Francisco after a few years in  in Stamford, USA.  Went to work in the financial district in San Francisco by skateboard at 4:30am in the morning when living just below the Bay Bridge.  Keeps issuing invitations to friends and relatives to visit him so, if Ross is in your address book, get in touch with him.   Now a citizen of the USA , engaged to be married very early in 2009 in the US of A so there will be a bit of a family reunion in Santa Fe, New Mexico when he marries Lynn Welch.  Going to work will mean a bit of commuting once married as a house has been purchased in Berkley with much more space to accommodate a married couple - PLUS VISITORS. The wedding took place in Santa Fe, New Mexico in January 2009 and a couple of photos are shown below and young Lachlan Douglas Hutcheon arrived in March 2012 to keep the family name going.  Find Ross on Facebook with pics and videos.

The Royal Engineer in dress uniform The sheer pleasure one gets from getting out of an aeroplane at several thousand feet can be seen above, this was a bi-plane and it was flying upside down when the photo was taken. The downwards view could be said to be exhilarating. Ross does very good tours of Lake Tahoe in summer or winter, this was in the ski lift going up to the Heavenly ski slopes.  Also great camping trips in Sierra Nevada to places like Yosemite National Park, Lassen Volcanic Park and Shasta

Ross with Mum & Dad snowshoeing in Tahoe area, USA Lovely cycle ride over the Golden Gate Bridge then come back by ferry to San Francisco, Ross has a selection of bikes or you can hire! The latest "mad" sport - kiting!


Sharing the wedding cake

Ross and Lynn Wedding ceremony in Santa Fe

  Ross offers a free night's bed and board if you find him and he still remembers and like you or trusts your house manners.