Walks from outings with the Taupo Tramping Club: The walks or tramps described  have been tramped since December 2004 and the notes taken plus GPS data collected have been used to compile the descriptions. They are in PDF format and, by clicking the link shown in blue,  the document can be downloaded.   The descriptions have the "grade" of the walk indicated but these may need checking.  Clicking on the blue GPX link will download the available GPS data for that specific tramp

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 and   OUT  OF   TAUPO   AREA



Ahu Ahu Ohu


4.78k 2:10min


BK33 Maayahowi May 2009

A fairly relaxed 2 day tour with two short tramps, the main purpose being to tramp into the site of the commune at Ahu Ahu where the parents of one of the trampers used to live. The other tramp was very short up to a viewpoint to overlook one of the previous channels of the Wanganui River. Besides that, historic sites that were passed on the road were studied – including the church at Jerusalem and the Kawana Mill.

Aongatete to Wairere Falls


15.07k 7:57min


BD35 Matamata & BD36 Lower Kaimai Dec 2007 A long fairly arduous walk crossing the Kaimai from north to south ending up at the Wairere Falls. A driver is required to move the transport after having a night in a holiday camp for the start GPX
Boyd Hut


 2.5k 15.4k  18.3k 1:30min   6:32min  7:33min

319m  742m  873m

 BH36 Motutere & BH37 Rangitaiki Dec 2012 A three day outing walking from Boyd, after flying in, to Oamaru Hut then out to Clements Mill Road on the Te Iringa track via Tikitiki Stream. Local walk up to the Boyd Rocks on Day 1 GPX
Bridge to Nowhere



11.93km  13.79km  11.96km 4:05min 6:30min 4:30min   ND       ND      BH32 Tokirima,  BH33 Retaruke,  BJ32 Pipiriki & BJ33 Raetihi                                                                                              Topo250 - Sheet 9   Feb 2007

A thought provoking tramp of two nights and three days through the area settled after World War 1 by returning soldiers who were allocated the land as a reward for their efforts.  The route encompasses the Wanganui and Mangapurua River valleys with the settlements being in the latter from 1917 until 1942 when the last settler left the area.  The thought provoking comes from thinking about what the area would be like nowadays if the settlement had succeeded and the reasons why some of the meadows are still totally grass covered and have not been invaded by bush and tree species – it is assumed that the local population of goats and deer keep these original meadows well grazed.  The history and social aspects of the area are well documented in the “Historical Map of The Mangapurua Valley and Wanganui Valley” published by the “Four Friends Trust”  via the Wanganui Tramping Club, PO Box 678 Wanganui.  The DOC “Mangapurua Track” leaflet is another good source of information. The drive from Taupo to Whakahoro takes about 2:30 minutes, the jet-boat trip down the Wanganui River to Mangapurua Landing takes 1:30 minutes (about NZ$140) and the walk back to Whakahoro is comfortably done in three days with the sites of the original holdings marked by signboards with family names and the odd artifact such as gates and ploughs. Some remnants of the houses still exist on the sites designated as campsites.  The track up to the actual Bridge from the Mangapurua Landing is well manicured and heavily used by day trippers, after this it is still good but less well maintained.  Day 2 track gets a bit muddy in wet weather, offers no hazards but there is a climb of about 1:30 – 2hrs to reach Mangapurua Trig.  The track on day 3 is not so good due to some parts being carved up by quad bikes (hunters) and there are some “shelf-like” sections through some very steep hilly terrain as well.  The final part of the walk is on undulating, gravel road where the feet burn up on hot days.

Broken Hills 5.64km 3:15min 325m BB35 Hikuai Feb 2021 A short fairly taxing tramp in the gold mining area of the Coromandel near Pauanui. One steep ascent, 3 tunnels and a track in an old water race GPX
Cape Runaway 11.67k  7:07min  701m BD43 Raukokore

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Feb 2018 Although only being 11km long in 5 – 7 hours this tramp should be considered as being in the fit category with tricky walking in places due to very steep slopes – especially descending – and the overall ascent of 700metres often through thick vegetation on a barely discernible track. Most of the descending is on open grassy slopes which can be slippery. The entire tramp is on private land and permission must be sought before entering the area. GPX
 East Cape Mud Pools - no real write up 1.94km 40 min 86m Topo50 BD44 Potaka

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Feb 2018 Short walk to wallow in cold grey mud over on East Cape so accommodation in the area is required GPX
Cascade Track and Hut


11.7k  11.7k   5:40min   6:05min 520m  600m BH36 Motutere

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Aug 2014 July 2009

This is a moderate overnight tramp of about 12km each way which offers endless opportunities to have out and back day tramps to suit time and fitness level.  There some pretty steep slopes and an overall altitude range of over 525m through dense native forest. The track is quite well marked with “orange” reflectives though largely un-maintained and care has to be taken, especially on wet days, as the many exposed roots can be lethal to the unwary.  Views are not a big feature though there is a good waterfall within a gorge plus a glimpse of Lake Taupo for the observant.  Total walk time into Cascade Hut including breaks is 5 - 6 hours though for the young and fit this can be reduced somewhat. The hut has 6 bunks, internal sink and water supply plus a wood / coal burner. The return trip is no quicker than inwards as it is a pretty hefty grunt back up from the Tauranga Taupo River.

Crosbies Hut

Kauraeranga Valley & Karaka track

9.5km  13.9km 5:20min 5:30min 886m    ND Topo50 Maps: BB34 Thames & BB35 Hikuai

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May 2013 Oct 2015

May 2013 was the groundwork for a possible overnighter in the Coromandel. What was done was based on overnight stays in Thames in 2013 and 2015. The 2015 trip was an overnighter via Boom's Flats in the Kauaeranga Valley with Day 1 comprising 10km, 886m ascent in 5:20 to Crosbies Hut.  Day 2 was 14km mainly downhill ending up on the Karaka Track -  5:20hours. Some big grunts are encountered and quite a lot of mud but all in superb forest with a few views over Table Mountain and others.                     NB In 2019 many tracks were closed for various reasons so check with DOC before going

Crosbies Hut

Waiotahi and Waiomu tracks


16.47km  10.16km 5:51min  5:09min 1129m +/250m Topo50 Maps: BB34 Thames & BB35 Hikuai

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June 2019 Track closures seemed to abound in mid-2019 so the route in was the moderate Waiotahi Track but outwards was on the much harder Waiomu Track. But once through the Kauri Grove walking is very easy for the last hour on well manicured tourist track. GPX
DalysClearing via Tui Mine Waitawheta Hut 13.68km 11.21km 12.59km 7:27min 5:33min 6:49min  350m 150m  400m Topo50 Series Map: BC35 Paeroa Nov 2009  A circular 3-day tramp of around 37km with about 1500 metres of ascent and descent with most of the hard work on days 1 and 3 whilst day 2 is a pleasant stroll down the old tramway in the Waitawheta valley visiting all the artifacts of the previous logging industry plus a side trip to admire some Kauri trees GPX
Great Barrier Island

Kaitoke Hot Pools

Mt Hobson

Station Rock

Kowhai Valley
















Topo50 Series Maps

AY34 Claris and

AZ34 Moehau

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Mar 2021 A delightful week exploring Great Barriers Island tackling a few different short walks.  The only big effort was on Mt Hobson where the higher slopes proved a bit tricky.  





Holdsworth and Waiohine 11.47km  10.15km 5:25min 4:03min +/-500m 150m Topo50 Maps: BP33 & 34 Featherstone & Masterton Nov 2015

Started at Holdsworth Lodge and tramping into Totara Flats Hut (five hours) for a very, very windy night.  With the wind and a forecast of impending rain, a decision was made to abandon plans to go to Tutuwai Hut, and tramped out a day early via the Waiohine track, then home to Taupo. A very wise decision as our last day would have been very taxing, with the terrain, the inclement weather, and more wet feet!

Holdsworth Jumbo Circuit 13.49km 9.40km 8:45min 4:10min +/-1249m 50m Topo50 BP33 Featherston & BP34 Masterton April 2009 A fairly hard 2 day circular tramp that can be shortened at several points with escape routes down off the high ridges. Day 1 can be up to the Powell Hut or extended to reach Jumbo Hut ascending Mount Holdsworth and Jumbo on the way. The descent via the Atiwhakatu Hut from Jumbo takes between 3 – 4 hours. Overall tramp distance is 23km with an altitude range increase of 1249 metres on Day 1 and 917 metres overall loss on Day 2. The route includes manicured tourist track to rather poorly poled routes on the narrow ridges between the Powell and Jumbo Huts. GPX
Iron Bark & Colenso Huts



7.15km 6.78km 7.24km 6.78km 7.01km 5:15min 4:55min 2:40min 4:55min 5:00min 594m   550m    30m   500m      ND Topo50 - BK36 Taoroa Junction

Permission required for shortcut

Nov 2007 A hard 4 days 3 nights tramp in very steeply sloping terrain of the Ruahine Ranges some 2:30 minutes south of Taupo. Access to the start from Taihape via Mokai passes what might be the world’s largest Flying Fox, with attendant bungee jump, in the Mokai Gravity Canyon. Contacting the local landowner for permission gives a shortcut over the hill avoids hours on the poled track.  Day one comprises a 3 hour plus slog up very steep grazing land as a shortcut (assuming permission has been obtained) followed by a 2+ hour grind on poor path over steep slopes in thick forest to Iron Bark Hut – a mere total of 7+ km, 600m ascent in 5 hours 15 minutes. Day 2 is just as much fun taking about 5 hours for the 6+ km, ascending about 400m with some knee trembling slopes to the Colenso Hut from where a river-walk exploring the route to Ruahine Corner can be undertaken. There is superb forest and very active birdlife throughout. with fantastic views of Ruapehu to the north and the local tops and farmland of the area. Exit route more or less the same as entry. GPX
Kapiti Coast Escarpment 10.21km

Kapiti  7.78km

Escarpment 3:40min

Kapiti 4:45min

Escarpment 400+m

Kapiti  500m

Topo50  BP32 Paraparaumu   

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Nov 2016 A fairly hard wet 10km walk on the Paekakariki Escarpment high above SH1 and the North Island Trunk Line from Paekakariki to Pukerua Bay with hundred of steps up and down - great views though. Return trip gratis thanks to Gold Card on the train.           One day trip to Kapiti Island gave a good walk plus saw the tremendous benefit of a pest free environment with birds everywhere - and so tame GPX  escarpment

GPX Kapiti

Kaweka Extravaganza 12.3km 12.0km  11.5km  15.5km  6.9km 6:30min  7:00min  6:40min  9:30min  2:41min 869m  876m  898m  920m  394m Topo 50 Maps BH37 Rangitaiki & BJ37 Kuripapango

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Feb 2015 A "very fit" grade 5 day tramp from Tussock Hut passing through Tira Lodge (Kelvinator), Back Ridge Biv via Rocks Ahead Hut and a three wire bridge, Kiwi Saddle Hut via Kiwi Creek and out to the Lakes Road car park in the Kaweka Forest Park. Covering just on 60km whilst ascending about 4,000 metres. NOT for the "faint hearted" or "weak of leg". GPX
Kaweka J and Kaweka Flats


Trig   9.5km  Flats Hut  7.82km Trig  5:17min  Flats Hut  4:31min Trig    800m+   Flats Hut  +/-550m Topo50 BJ37 Kuripapango

Photos via the photolinks  page

Nov 2014 Two walks over in Hawkes Bay. Kaweka J being short (10km) but very steep with 800+ m of ascent over the 5km ascent to the trig with vicious drop-offs, so good weather strongly advised. The walk to the Flats is not flat but is at lower altitude and does have several stream crossings, one river crossing plus a very steep challenging ascent on the way in. GPX


Leitchs Hut


9.86km  16.51km 3:30min 7:45min       ND        ND Topo50 Map: BF31Marokop & BF32 Piopio

Avoid the lambing season

Sept 2007 A moderately hard 2 day tramp in the Te Kuiti area over-nighting at Leitchs Hut. Not much in the way of views but good birdlife in parts, wood pigeon and paradise duck, and a “Frog Protection” area.   GPX
Mangamate Hut and Kakanui Stream


13.9km  16.8km 5:53min 6:26min +300m +100m

Topo50 BG38 Wairapukao

May 2011

A 2 day tramp that proves to be quite a challenge with ample off-track walking, a lot of wet work - both up and downstream – enough distance to show in the legs and a good hut for overnighting. Starts and ends at the River Road car park Minginui, uses sections of the Whirinaki Track, Upper Mangamate and  Kakanui Streams. Day 1 requires 3 – 5:30min whilst Day 2 can need up to 8 hours – the young and fit / fast can do it much more quickly.

Mitre Flats and Peak


8.52km  5.35km 4:00min  3:35min       ND        ND Topo50 Map: BN34Masterton & BP34 Shannon April 2009 A pretty hard 2 – 3 day tramp with the ascent of Mitre being classified as falling into the “fit” category.  The walk into and out from Mitre Flats Hut is only 8.6km each way but does take 4 hours due to slope, real back-country grade of track with more roots than are usually seen. Mitre Flats Hut has 14 bunks, coal burner – but a wet wood supply when the coal runs out – gas cookers and gas the year round plus a roof-tank water supply. The walk in from the road end to Mitre Flats is 8.6km with an altitude range of 200 metres whilst it is 5.6km from Mitre Flats to the top of Mitre Peak with a gain of 1253 metres. GPX Flats


GPX Peak

Moerangi MTB


13.5km 20.9km  5:45min 7:45min  700m   200m Topo50 Map: BG38 Wairapukao &                 BG39 Ruatahuna


August 2013 This 2 day long walk can be done in either direction and, as described  was done starting at River Road as this giving a hard first day of around 14km, however it does mean that the second day is longer at 21km. Three huts are passed so there are ample stop-over opportunities.  If necessary the one-overnighter described can be extended by staying in say Rogers then Moerangi Hut – or vice versa if travelling in the opposite direction. The track is a shared MTB–walking track and is a relatively easy walk as it is well graded, wide and easy to follow as it passes through very lush forest with good birdlife.  Blue duck are often heard and seen, Kaka keep doing fly-overs and smaller birds such as Tom tits often come calling. GPX
Mount Damper and Falls


 Mt Damper 12.5km 17.2km

Falls  1km

 Damper   5:00min  11:01min

Falls 21min

   Damper  ND  


Topo50 -BG32 Oharu; BH32 Tokorima; BH31 Whangamomona

Photos via the photolinks  page

Jan 2016 A hard overnighter on what used to be tracks but now routes. Day 1 mainly level on old tramway to un-mapped DoC hunter's hut then up and over to Rerepahupahu Falls to tent the night. Day 2 noted as 7 hours requires 11 hours to cover the 17-20km of bush bashing with GPS navigation through very hard country with numerous windfalls. Pass over Mt Damper and yet another unmapped hut (Mt Damper Hut). No water on most of the track and only for the fit and brave. For the tourist a nice easy 2km walk from the car park at the end of the track in and out on tourist track to Mt Damper Falls. GPX
Mount Messenger from Kiwi Road  - no description map only ND


ND BG31 Mokau    BH31 Whangamomona April 2017 Based on holiday camp in MOkau. No write up and incomplete GPS data for this 6-8hour tramp on a marked route rather than track. Access to Kiwi Road included in GPX file but NOT an easy drive. First 2km and last 500m of the trail also included in the GPX file. Category FIT and not for inexperienced trampers. GPX
Mount Taranaki lower slopes and Dawsons Falls

Area - no description - map and data only

Tahurangi 9.13km

 Dawsons 10.65km

Tahurangi 5:47min

Dawsons 5:21min

Tahurangi 400+m

 Dawsons 300m

BJ29 Mount Taranaki or Mount Egmont April 2017 GPX file covers Plateau car-park to the Tahurangi Lodge and not the steep final part of the ascent.

Also the walk from Plateau Carpark to Dawson Falls and back to Mountain House. On the latter walk it should be noted that the ridge track no longer starts near the historical power station but branches off the outwards track.

Slopes GPX

Falls GPX

Old Ghost Road

No write up

16.43km 11.03km  11.39km  23.95km 16.82km 6:21min 5:43min 5:25min 9:16min 6:07min ND      ND      ND      ND      ND      Topo50 Map: BR22 Lyell April 2016 A long but manageable multi  (5 -6) day tramp. No write up available as yet but basic map with distances  and times presented. GPX


Pauanui Bike Track 5.76km 1:45min 4 -13m Topo50: BB36 Whangamata Feb 2021 An exploratory walk on a new MTB and walking track linking Pauanui and Tairua in the Coromandel.  Interesting wetlands at the start on a wide easy track - well worth investigating on a bike once the track is completed or not GPX
Pinnacles Hut, Pinnacles and Billy Goat Track


6.2km 8.8km 2:20min 3:10min  


Topo50 map BB35 Hikuai


Mar 2013

Starting early enough plus a high level of fitness would allow this tramp to be completed as a day walk. Mortals are better off walking in to the Pinnacles Hut and after lunch going for a walk or run up to the actual Pinnacles  then overnighting in the hut. Next day is a relaxing walk out via the Billy Goat Track which does have the odd steep section  when a part of the old incliner railway is traversed.  This area is full of history and artifacts including Dancing Camp Dam, Hydro Camp and Billy Goat Landing with an overall altitude gain of over 1000 metres over around 17kilometres on the GPS.

Poronui to Oamaru Hut


12.92km 3:44min +/-100m Topo50 Map: BH37 Rangitaiki

Permission required for vehicle access

Aug 2007 A long (13km one way), in-and-out day tramp, better done as an over-nighter, from the end of the public access section of Taharua Road through Poronui Station on a poled track to the Oamaru Hut. The tramp involves two river crossings and these are not recommended if rivers are high, the first one over the Mohaka can be waist deep and does have strong flow.  If you get trapped at the Hut due to water level then it is possible to get out via the Oamaru Track to Te Iringa – quite a long way and a bit of a grunt.  Most of the walk through Poronui is on farm road or wide smooth gravel or grass tracks – all a bit too manicured for the hardened tramper but with scenery that is well worth seeing. GPX
Poronui to Te Iringa 12.92km 18.30km 3:44min 7:32min +/-100m +/-550m Topo50 Map:BH36 Motutere & BH37 Rangitaiki ND A very serious long, hard walk through Poronui Station to stay overnight in Oamaru Hut. Exit via Kaipo River and Te Iringa track to Clements Mill Road GPX
Pukahanui To OkahuRd 9.6km 16.2km 20.5km 4:00min 7:20min 6:30min +/-200m  +/-650m  +/-250m Topo50 Maps: BH38 Te Haroto, BG38 Wairapukao, BG39 Ruatahuna ND A moderate+ three day tramp through very thick, mature native forest on back-country track – a bit of a challenge in places but with some fantastic giant trees to admire.  Could be called the Trans Whirinaki! There are several rather neat huts for over-night stops and refreshment breaks.

Descriptive text for day 3 limited!

Rangi Hut and Deadman's Track


4.1km 9.4km 2:00min 349min 900+m Topo50: BL36 Norsewood May 2018 Sep 2014 Feb 2013 A fairly easy overnighter in the Rangi (Rangiwahia) Hut with Day 1 having a grunty ascent, which is over within an hour or so, up around a landslip on good track track. Views, sunsets and sunrises from the hut can be magic. Day 2 involves a long slow ascent through tussock to the high point of Mangahuia then it is virtually all downhill back to the car park. Total distance of 13km with ascent of just over 900m requires total walking time of just less than 6 hours. GPX
Rangiwahia Heritage Lodge 3.66km 14.15km 9.53km 1:54min 9:45min 5:17min 600+m 100m+/- 100m+/- Topo50 Map:  BL36 Norsewood


Oct /Nov 15 Overnighter in rather hilly country passing through Rangiwahia, Triangle and Iron Gate Huts to Heritage Lodge. Overnighting in Rangi and then Iron Gates Huts. GPX
 Red Crater in winter



13.65km 13.55km 5:23min 4:25min ND Topo50 Series Maps: BH34 Raurimu, BH35 Turangi & BJ35 Waiouru Sep 2011 A walk which is hard enough in summer time and which can be a real challenge in winter conditions. The first day is virtually the Tongariro Alpine Crossing but going to Oturere Hut instead of via the Ketetahi Hut. Day 2 comprises a relatively easy walk out via Waihohonu to the Desert Road.  Careful preparation has to be made for this tramp and a very close study made of the weather forecast. Equipment required does include extra layers, heavyweight gloves, crampons and ice axe.  Inexperienced walkers should consider long and hard before setting out as conditions can be vicious, but once there with clear skies the views are spectacular. GPX
Round the Mountain 12.64km 21.10km 24.26km 12.75km 10.00km 5:45min  9:00min  11:00min   8:10min   3-5hrs  +/-760m +/-500m +/-900m +/-800m +/-150m Topo50 Map: BH34 Raurimu, BH35 Turangi, BJ34 Mnt Ruapehu, BJ35 Waiouru


Feb 2008 A walk and a half covering over 80km of some of the most rugged terrain in the North Island round Mount Ruapehu in four to five days.  The first day is virtually the Tongariro Alpine crossing but going to Oturere Hut instead of via the Ketetahi Hut. Day 2 comprises over 21km down past the Waihohonu Hut, crossing the Tukino Alpine access road, passing the course of the “Lahar” flow and on to Rangipo Hut – the highest hut on the walk.  Day 3 is huge effort of over 24km passing the Mangaehuehu Hut and the track to the Blyth Hut to emerge on Ohakune Mountain road then continue down the “Cascades” to the Mangaturuturu Hut. Day 4 is shorter at just over 12km if Scoria Flats is the target and over 15km if Whakapapa is the aim and, apart from Lake Surprise plus a few magnificent mountain views, there are few other features to note on Day 4. GPX
Sailor's Grave 5.95km 3hrs 350m Topo50: BB36 Whangamata Feb 2021 A short out and back coastal walk in the Coromandel north of Tairua with two reasonable ascents and a beach walk in Otara Bay. A good beach with surfing possibilities at the start / end point. GPX
Southern Crossing 11.2km 8.1km 11.7km 7:10min 5:41min 8:36min 1498m 456m  601m Topo50: BP33 Featherstone Feb 2013

This is a monster and falls in the “Fit” category of tramp with three pretty long days and a 1,500m ascent the first day up to Kime Hut. Day 2 is all high level walking reaching over 1,500m at Mt Hector then traversing many very narrow ridges descending to Alpha Hut. The exit route was not via the normal track down Marchant Ridge but the shorter, but possibly harder, Bull Mound Track via Cone Hut to the car park at the northern end of Waiohine Gorge Road. In total some 31km were walked, ascending over 2,500m in just on twenty one and a half hours.  The scary thing is that the mountain runners do the whole thing, via Marchant Ridge, in less than 5 hours!

Te Puia Lodge


8.28km  4:43min  371m Topo 50 Maps: BH37 Rangataiki & BJ37 Kuripapango

Photos via the photolinks  page

Oct 2018 Not a drive or walk for the faint-hearted in the Kaweka. Not far at 8km but took over 4 hours inwards and 3 hours outwards GPX

Access GPX

Waihora to Waihaha








Topo50 BG34 Piropiro + BG35 Tihoi May 2011

A very strenuous 7-9 hour A to B day tramp or a relatively relaxed overnighter stopping off at the Waihaha Hut.  Day one is hard work and the DOC quoted 6 hours are required whilst for Day two the 9km walk out from the hut to the Western Bays Road is an easy 3 hours. This tramp can be tackled in either direction but anti-clockwise is slightly easier – going anti-clockwise gives a total ascent of 694metres and a total descent of 900metres.

Waikaremoana Manuoha Track to Sandy Bay Hut and Ruapani Track 9.43km 15.39km 16.17km 5:05min 7:00min 5:50min 703m +/-200m +/-350m

Topo50 maps

BG39 Ruatahuna & BG4 Waikaremoana

Topo250 Sheet 10

Feb 2011 A pretty tough tramp falling in the fit or moderate plus category mainly due to the steepness of the first day getting up to Manuoha Hut  which takes a minimum of 5 hours to cover the 7km. Day 2 is more of a stroll through enchanted forest though the 13km still requires a full 7 hours to reach Sandy Bay Hut on Lake Waikareiti. The walk out from here back to the road near the Holiday Park at Waikaremoana can be long or short but the route via the Ruapani Track requires about 6 hours and passes seven wetlands or lagoons.. GPX


12.47km 20.61km  8.24km 10.35km 3:40min 8:23min 4:20min 4:20min  ND

Topo50: BG40 Waikaremoana


Oct 2006

The drive from Taupo takes roughly 3 hours covering 160km. The tramp takes 4 days with 3 nights in DOC Huts. Day 1 comprises easy walking for 3:40minutes (12.5km) from the start at the swing bridge just off SH38 to the Waiharuru Hut, quite new and very spacious. Day 2 is 8 hours long, Day 3 is a day of ascending whilst day 4 is basically downhill off the Panekiri Bluffs. This is a challenging walk on un-manicured footpaths so strength and skill is required, especially for some of the ascents and in areas where problems have been caused by windfalls.  There is some really beautiful forest walking and the views of Lake Waikaremoana and the Panekiri Bluffs are outstanding.  There are several minor day and part-day walks that can be tackled from the camp ground as part of the recovery process after this Great Walk.

Waihi Beach


10.7km 4:30min 240m Topo50 Katikati BC36

Photos via the photolinks  page

Feb 2019 An interesting walk up the sands from Waihi Beach for a couple of kilometres to get on to a very well formed hard-packed clay track, which can be slippery when wet, to pass Orokawa Bay or bit further to Homunga Bay.  GPX
Waiora Kauri Trail Coromandel


6.1km 2:50min 300m Topo50: BB35 Hikuai April 2005

A relatively easy, three hour round trip to large Kauri tree with eight river / stream crossings – dry in the dry season – and steep climbs on a  sometimes rocky path.

Waiomu Kauri Grove Coromandel


6.24km 2:37min 150m Topo50: BB34 Thames and BB35 Hikuai June 2019 An easy walk on tourist grade track into a Kauri Grove. Possible wet feet at the start crossing a small road ford GPX
Waipakihi Hut via Umukarikari 14.1km 14.1km 6:30min 6:00min 800m 500m

Topo50 BH35 Turangi & BH36 Motutere

Nov 2010

A long, relatively strenuous tramp of 5 – 7 hours covering 14km each way, ascending over 900m on the way in and 500m on the way out. The high point is just off the summit of Umukarikari (1591m) whilst the hut is at about 1100m and the start at just over 700.  There is a bit of a brutal start as it is steep uphill as soon as the car park is exited into the beech forest. Once up through the forest the path is well marked but rather exposed on adverse weather days so beware since there are quite a few bluffs around. Some of the eroded steps should be repaired and upgraded soon (2010) but at present they are a challenge for Hobbits.   The new track sign for the Urchin track is a good indicator of progress and is a bit before the Umukarikari summit.  After the high point vegetation is a bit scarce but the views can be magnificent as the descent commences. The final hour down to the hut is a challenge as the track is very degraded, well gullied and often rocky and gravelly. The hut itself is superb and is in a great location for evening views.

Waiotahi Track  Coromandel


14.29km 6:14min 785m Topo50: BB34 Thames and BB35 Hikuai June 2019 An easy walk in the Coromandel from Thames on one of the tracks that go to Crosbies Hut - an in and out of 14km GPX
Ureweras - Casino etc 19.91km ND   8.51km  9:30min 4:30min 6:00min      ND         Topo50: BF39 Galatea Jan 2007 A hard tramp off Galatea Road in Urewera back-country taking three days and two nights with overnights camping at or sleeping in two DOC huts or bivouacs – Casino and Waihua.  The first day is extra long due to the forest access road being deeply rutted and not accessible to normal vehicles, giving an extra 2 – 3 hours tramping.  A very descriptive quote for this tramp is “you know when you are not on steep slopes because you are knee deep in the river, getting into the river or out of the river!” Good fitness and navigational skills are essential since the track is not really too well marked much of the time, there are many tricky sections with windfalls, river walking and crossing plus steep inclines. The river and forest scenery is first rate but, being in the bottom of deep valleys much of the time getting GPS readings and tracks is not easy and the readings obtained may not be too accurate.  No track / GPS trace was able to be recorded on Day 2 though GPS waypoints were taken. Very old basic model GPS used GPX
Waione Tram loop bike track 12.6km 14.2km 5:25min 6:00min  250m   200m

Topo50: BG34 Piropiro

Mar 2009

This is a moderate 2 day tramp covering between 25 and 30km depending on the actual starting point. Tenting is inevitable as there is no convenient hut on the route, which is advertised as a 25km mountain bike track.  Most maps do not show any tracks in the area but some are shown on certain older maps and DoC have put up track markers in critical places – but not in sufficient number. Most of the walking is on good, often quad bike, tracks and there are 2 river crossings plus the odd pretty severe grunt. Not recommended if the party has no navigational skills and doubt if most bikers would enjoy it.

Waitahweta Hut Daly's Clearing and Tui Mine


13.68km 11.22km 12.60km 6:56min  5:35min  6:50min  350m 150m  400m

Topo50 Map:  BC35 Paeroa      

Nov 2009 A circular 3-day tramp of around 37km with about 1500 metres of ascent and descent with most of the hard work on days 1 and 3 whilst day 2 is a pleasant stroll down the old tramway in the Waitawheta valley visiting all the artifacts of the previous logging industry plus a side trip to admire some Kauri trees. GPX
Waitomo Tramps 16.7km 7:14min 669m Topo50 Map: BF32 Piopio & BF33 Te Kuiti

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Non 2016 Overnighter in Top10 Waitomo to tackle the Tawarau Falls and Double falls with three options. Next day walk on the mud infested Mangaohae track from Were Road   Falls   GPX

Mud  GPX

White Cliffs Walkway - no detailed description 7.47km 3:34min 250m BG31 Mokau April 2017 A great walk accessible from SH3 south of Mokau in the Taranaki area. Steeply up on road the through paddocks, down 600 odd steps to the beach below stunning cliffs and back to the start point. GPX