Kathleen McHollan


Kathleen is a travel agent, very useful for the family at times, and her business is located in Gullane just south of Edinburgh. Great place for holidays, especially if you like golf - but avoid the place if the "OPEN" is being played at Muirfield.


Kathleen and David with the Hutcheon clan at Ross's Wedding

Kathleen loves walking and is out most weekends though, like most people, finds the down-hills harder than the up-hills these days Slightly younger than her sister, Isabel, but has always referred to Isabel as her little (vertically challenged?) sister. In the photo below Kathleen is the smaller / younger.

Tel: +44 (0)1620 842211 Fax: +44 (0)1620 842436

Her two boys - Martin and Nigel now both married and Nigel and Alice made Kathleen a "granny" with Connal  just beating Martin and Helen with Harry - and the families continue to grow.

Martin is in Food Product Management and lives in Cheltenham whilst Nigel is following a career as a personal trainer. Both of the boys hit a golf ball an awfully long way - sometimes the wrong way - and it is up to anyone brave enough to find out by playing a round with them. Ask Nigel how he liked playing golf in Amman, Jordan where his uncle soundly beat him, he seemed to enjoy the Royal Golf Course in Bhutan even less. Both boys are keen on fitness and have competed in some local races. Times in the Great Caledonian Run (October 1998) were.  Nigel has since then run marathons with some of his clients - at their speed not his.

Nigel 48:06 With  the then fiancée and now wife Alice 53:41
Martin 52:41 With girlfriend and now wife Helen 63:08