Isabel (Wonder Woman) Hutcheon  

Isabel  was a schoolteacher with TEFL qualifications and has lived and worked in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Kalimantan Barat, YogyakartaSudan then finally Bhutan on the overseas circuit which started in 1969 when she accompanied Austin to Nigeria. Whilst based in the UK from the late 80s she worked at Challney Girls School, in Luton, a state school that is attended mainly by ethnic minorities. Now she is settled in Taupo New Zealand and registered to be a relief teacher - she was meant to be retired - but these days activities are all voluntary with Hospice, Red Cross and literacy Taupo.

She started hashing in Saudi Arabia and did the first 25 runs there. Since then has run with Surrey, Herts and then H5 (Hares and Hounds Hash House Harriers) where she had logged most runs till she again went overseas in 2001. She has also run in Yogyakarta, Jakarta,  Samarinda in Borneo and laterally in Thimphu, Bhutan. Hash name WONDER WOMAN though seeks the name of SUPER GRAN.. Also picked up a few of the  Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers running club Super Vet ladies records. Running is now not so easy due to an arthritic condition in her feet but the miles still go in and fitness was maintained by doing a lot of aqua-jogging, tramping and some cycling and running in New Zealand - she was on the committee of the Taupo Tramping Club for many years.

 Gail's wedding was one of her life's highlights, even though it was a fraught time with too little time available during school term. Anyway, Ross came up with the perfect location at Minley Manor with the Manor House for the reception and the chapel in the grounds for the actual wedding - all well protected by the Ghurkas. The next big event was to have been, having become a GRANDMOTHER, a trip to visit Russell, Gail and Sacha in Australia. However, the Baillie clan came to Britain and Sacha was christened in Ampthill. The Baillies settled in NZ and Isabel, along with Austin, visited them 3 times and finally relocated to NZ by emigrating in late 2004 as a retirement move. And finally Ross got married in 2009 - to Lynn Welch a lovely American girl with the wedding in Santa Fe New Mexico.

Gail's Wedding

Dragon Boat Racing Drummer

Ross Lynn Wedding 2009

Isabel plus Gail, Sacha & Maia

Gaggle of Grannies on Tramp, NZ

Isabel still holds the odd age-group record and is a life member of Ampthill and Flitwick Flyers, did run as and when she could with the Taupo Harriers, still rides a mountain bike albeit only on easy tracks.  She has done a Dragon Boat Race.  Did do aqua-jogging plus a lot of tramping tramping in New Zealand took up quite a bit of time and keept her fit combined with a fair bit of gym work including RPM spinning.  She and Austin edited and compiled the trampers quarterly newsletter for several years.  From 1997/98 she did many road races performed quite well as her PBs below indicate (however, having developed an arthritic foot problem she has running a bit less since 1999/2000 but having retired from teaching finds she can still run quite well and achieved vVO2max Level 7 in July 2004.  In Feb 07 did a lifelong (hidden) ambition and did a sky-dive in Taupo.

Age Group 55 - 59 55 - 59  55 - 59  55 - 59  60 - 64 60 - 64 60 - 64 60 - 64 65 - 69 65 - 69 65 - 69 65 - 69
Distance When Where Time Standard / Level When Where Time Standard / Level When Where Time Standard / Level
100m                 17 Jan 09 Harriers session 0:29.2 Standard
400m Jul-98 AFF Time Trial 0:01:54 Standard                
1500m Jul-98 AFF Time Trial 0:08:12 Bronze                
1 mile Jun-98 AFF Time Trial 0:08:30 Bronze July 05 Taupo, Downhill 0:09:18 Standard 7 Mar 07 Harriers Downhill 0:09:12 Bronze
5k May-00 Race for Life MK 0:28:48 Bronze +AFF Vet 55 record May 2004 Race for Life, Bedford 27:23.6 Silver, possible 60 club record 7 Mar 07 Taupo, Starlight Run


5 mile Jul-98 Vauxhall 0:47:08 Bronze +AFF Vet 55 record Aug 2004 Cranfield 51:20 Standard, AFF 60+ record        
10k Jun-98 Milton Keynes 0:57:52 Bronze June 2004 Dunstable 1:04:39 Standard        
10 mile Dec-97 Cople 1:42:38 Bronze +AFF Vet 55 record                
Half Marathon Sep-97 Great Barford 2:20:56 Bronze Aug 05 Taupo, Levene Half 2:33:33 Standard 5 Aug 07 Levene Half Taupo 2:40:51 Standard
February 1999 brought some not too welcome news for Isabel. Running had suffered over the past several months through pain in the feet. Family doctor gave anti-inflammatory medication to little effect. Podiatrist advised orthoses, to little effect. One doctor on the family practice now has a sports injury qualification and he got Isabel to visit an orthopaedic surgeon - who found rather well developed arthritis in the small bones of both feet. The bad news was that there was little that medicine can offer and advice is to keep going as and when pain etc allows and always ensure good shoes are used (coals to Newcastle). The result are less road running and maintain the cross-country plus the odd Hash.  Things slowed down a bit more in 2014 with a knee problem and a replacement joint was finally fitted in March 2015. By November she was back tramping, doing "shuffle" runs and a lot of gym work but the knee just will not bend enough to get back on a road bike but she can manage the RPM bike in the gym. Overnight tramping carrying a full pack is now a thing of the past.