The HASH led to the WORM getting the BIRDTABLE       

Gail Hutcheon B.Com.,MIC married to Russell Baillie from New Zealand, is a Marketing and Communications Professionalí and has stayed and worked in Singapore, Manila and Australia and now settled and working in Auckland, New Zealand.  She worked at Unitec for several years and now works in the Financial Services Industry.     She is the reason, along with Sacha and Maia of course, that Austin and Isabel settled in NZ on retirement but they  to stay in Taupo, not Auckland.

Gail has always been a Harriet and started running in Saudi Arabia in 1980 and progressed, via H5 and London to be a member of the mismanagement in Singapore.  Also ran in Manila and then in Brisbane and still gets involved  in Auckland.  July 2004 made the long-trek back to the UK for Interhash 2004 at Cardiff where she tried to regain her world DOWN DOWN record - despite setting a new PB of 2 pints in 8 seconds she was well beaten into third fastest. She must run or will be outdone by her daughters Sacha and Maia. Sacha already has  the hash-name of SWALLOW and Maia runs like the wind. Just waiting to see what Maia  gets christened when she hits the HASH - Maia will have a massive effect and could play for the All Blacks!.


Hash-handle BIRD TABLE.

Gail and Sacha with Dad (Austin) and Granddad (Sandy) as part of the four generations of Hutcheon family at Sacha's christening party

Gail's Father-in-Law

Bill Baillie - Born 1935

Bill  Baillie born in 1935 was one of  Arthur's (Arthur Lydiard) Boys who ruled the running world in the '50s and '60s and have become part of New Zealand's sporting folklore.

He was sixth in the 5000m final at the 1964 Olympics and attended four Commonwealth Games between '54 and '66.

In 2011 Bill was admitted into the NZ Hall of Fame!

His defining moment came on August 24, 1963 when he broke two of Emil Zatopek's world records in one race - 59:28.6 for the 20,000m and 12 miles, 960 yards and 7 inches, for the one-hour run.  When you talk to him about highlights, that great day obviously tops the list. But there are a couple of others he is equally proud of.   One is the Olympic 5000m final. Though Baillie was sixth, "I gave it my all. 1 couldn't have done more and to finish a race knowing you couldn't have done better is a good feeling."  Then there was a two-mile indoor race in the United States, in which was assembled a who's who Field, including legends Kip Keino and Ron Clarke.  Beforehand, all competitors were asked a series of questions to be broadcast during the event. The last was: "Who will win it?" Baillie was the only runner to nominate himself . He was also the only one to get it exactly right Baillie was by no means the glamour boy of his generation.  Under the tutelage of Lydiard he was just one cog in a machine that included Snell, Halberg, Magee, Julian and John Davies. But he was, without doubt, one of the toughest and most honest of Arthur's lads. He has competed in five Auckland and five Hawaiian iron man races , now he is over 70 he has given up the competition but that was because he deve3loped a problem with his feet in that he lost full feeling in them - must have been overuse over the years. However he is still to be found driving his taxi around Auckland. He tends to work the four to midnight shift, which allows this man, who couldn't swim until he was 50, to spend up to three hours a day training for  new pursuits and improving his golf.

 If you plan to go to New Zealand get in touch with her and Russell in Auckland.