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Austin and Isabel married in 1965 and assumed they would work in the UK – Austin at the University where he was a Research Assistant in the Soil Science Department and Isabel in Teaching. However they went to Nigeria in 1969 – refer to Austin’s CV for places since then - and ended up going to Bhutan in 2001. Isabel actually gave up her job to go to the Land of the Thunder Dragon. On reaching retirement age they relocated to Taupo new Zealand.

They got their deserts for taking the kids abroad as both Ross and Gail left the UK to the US and New Zealand respectively. Yes, you guessed it, this is why Austin and Isabel moved to new Zealand and they find San Francisco is a nice place for the odd holiday with Ross.

Both like dancing – inclined to take over the floor in places like Pontianak and Samarinda – and can cope with Scottish Country dancing. Were the "high heid yins" - Chieftain and Lady of the Plateau Caledonian Society in Nigeria in 1975.

Both kept running with the Hash House Harriers and with the Ampthill Flitwick Flyers (AFF) whilst in the UK, in fact they are now life members of the AFF.  Now in NZ and find there is not enough time for everything as they run with the Taupo Harriers, Tramp with the Taupo Tramping Club (Isabel is on the committee and they produce the quarterly TTC Newsletter), cycle on the roads, bike tracks and at the Taupo Velodrome, swim and aqua-jog at the Taupo AC Baths - now considering golf but need an eighth day in the week.

Hares & Hounds HHH, UK

Taupo Tramping Club

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Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers, Ampthill, Bedford

Lived in Ampthill, Bedfordshire from 1980 until January 2001 when the Himalayas called, then temporarily in Bedford during 2004 and now settled in New Zealand (Mail us)